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Dual Voltage Appliances

You hear this entire ruckus about countries using different voltages. For example, you cannot use a device from the USA in Germany, and you cannot use a device from France in Canada. You would need a voltage converter and transformer as well as a plug adapter. But you have also heard of devices that can function anywhere without a voltage converter or transformer.

These appliances do indeed exist and are called dual voltage appliances. There are two types of voltages used called 110V and 220V. Countries in North America as well as parts of Central and South America and the Pacific use 110V while most other places such as Europe use 220V. You can tell if your device is dual voltage by looking for something similar to 110/220vac or 120-240vac. This indicates that your appliance can operate with both voltages so that only a plug adapter is necessary to fit your plug into the outlet. Dual voltage appliances have the ability to adjust to 110V or 220V power so you do not need a voltage converter or transformer.

However, if you can only locate something like 110V or 220V or a range similar to those numbers, then you have a singular voltage appliance. But that is okay, all you need is a voltage converter or transformer appropriate to your device as well as a proper plug adapter. You can purchase everything you need for your device at Overseas Best Buy.

Items that are usually dual voltage appliances include Ipod chargers, battery chargers for cameras, and battery chargers for laptops. Hair dryers and curling irons normally have a switch for 110V and for 220V. Remember, you still need a plug adapter even if your appliance is dual voltage. If not, you’ll be stuck with an outlet that is completely different from your plug!

Fridigaire Air Conditioner for 220 Volts

The Fridigaire Air Conditioner for 220 Volts is a 7,000 BTU Air Conditioner featuring a confo-matic Air System. The appliance manufactured by Fridigaire is designed for use within Europe and Asia as well as other countries that use a 220V electrical socket. This Air Conditioner could be put to use during periods when it gets uncomfortably hot especially in summer.  It is built to work with electricity of 220 Volts at a frequency of 50 HZ. And because electricity supply in many European and Asian countries comes at this voltage, there is no need to have a voltage converter (step up or step down) attached to the appliance.  As usual, we would always recommend a voltage stabilizer or surge protector for appliances in this category.

This electrical appliance comes as a Window unit, which is quite conducive both for home and office use, although a little modification to the structure of your building may be required in order to create a wall opening. It features an easy to clean filter with side air louvers, a slide out Chasis and an exhaust vent. It works at 3 fan speeds including a fan only mode that increases air flow without affecting temperature of the room.

The Fridigaire Air Conditioner for 220 Volts has a shipping weight of 100 pounds. Its actual weight is only 79 pounds. It has a height of 13.8 inches, a Width of 17.7 inches, and a Depth of approximately 22.8 inches. The appliance also comes with the latest air conditioning technologies employed now only employed by the foremost Air Conditioner Manufacturers worldwide.

Order the Fridigaire Air Conditioner for 220 Volts

GE Air Conditioner for 220/240 Volts

The GE Air Conditioner for 220/240 Volts is designed for Europe and Asia only. Both continents produce their general purpose electricity that settles between a range of 220 to 240 volts. As these 220 volts air conditioner has its inner mechanisms created to work under such voltages, there’ll be no requirement for a Voltage Converter. Although it is highly advisable to make use of a voltage stabilizer or surge protector in order to promote the life span of high-power consuming appliances.

The GE Air Conditioner runs at a frequency of 50 HZ and is ideal for both home and office use. With a shipping weight of 160.00 pounds, 72.6 Kg (Europe), and 145.14 Jin (Chinese), its packaging is not as heavy as many of its competitors. It comes as a split-unit with the compressor unit attached to the ventilator by a small flexible pipe. This allows for easier installation without doing much damage to the current structure of a building. The Compressor is to be placed outside, while the ventilator unit is hung up on the wall. The appliance also comes with a manual and installation guide, although it is highly recommended to have a specialist do the installation on your behalf.

Again, in countries where the 220/240 volts range is norm, appliances running at this frequency will work perfectly. Maintaining an Air Conditioner is quite easy, but very important. The air vents should be cleaned regularly, while dedicated maintenance cleaning should be carried out once every few months. The compressor unit should also be checked and cleaned from time to time. Ensure to follow any guidelines prescribed in the manual during the cleaning process.

Here is the product page where you can check its price or place an order for this appliance (for export purposes only).

Air Conditioners 220 Volts 50 HZ

Air conditioners 220 Volts 50 HZ have become inevitable at homes today. Right from different varieties to different sizes, we provide you air conditioners for Africa and Europe with varied cost. Apart from being good in look, we could afford you air conditioners that could save substantial energy by working at 220 volts and 50 Hz. One must be very clear about where you are going to install air conditioners 220 Volts 50 HZ, because the dimension of the room would greatly influence on the capacity of an air conditioner 220 Volts 50 HZ. Just sit back and handle a small remote to keep you cool in your place.the LCD remote control would keep you operating clearly even at night times.

One could get our air conditioner 220 Volts 50 HZ as gifts or as new appliances to lead a luxurious life overseas in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Every air conditioner 220 Volts 50 HZ has different conditions. Some of the important factors like, the type of an air conditioner 220 Volts 50 HZ , its features, noise level, weight, and the dimension of the air conditioners 220 Volts 50 HZ are very necessary to consider when buying a air conditioners 220 Volts 50 HZ. This dimension factor also has some influence on the dimension of your room. You should choose the one that could complement your room’s beauty rather than the one that would be over sizing. We provide the best containing all these factors so that you could pack and take home the most prefect appliance, air conditioner for overseas and abroad.the low noise level in all of our air conditioner for overseas and abroad is the one of the best unique features they have.

Based on your need you could choose the unique feature and then get one from us. One of the unique features that we own is that we do mention the detailed structure of the air conditioner 220 Volts 50 HZ that we sell. One could check for the detail structure and the functionality and then choose an air conditioner for overseas and abroad. We also mention you the full functionality of an air conditioner 220 Volts 50 HZ that you choose. This would be definitely needed to identify where to place the air conditioner 220 Volts 50 HZ in the room. Every product has different requirements you might have to get ready with if you are going to purchase a particular type of air conditioner, working at 220 Volts 50 HZ. For example, if you have opted for the outdoor and indoor unit then you will need a 3-inch hole in the wall to connect both the units. This is depicted clearly in the image.

Our products are modern and embedded with sensors and other recent technologies and this would be the very nice place to go ahead with your home appliance purchase. Apart from being a good merchant, we have been excellent guides for years to help people choose the right air conditioner for overseas and abroad for their rooms based on the sizes and the features we have mentioned in our website.

1100220 Volts – Major appliances

1100220 Volts – Major appliances

It is very difficult to find reliable sources online that offer major appliances. One always questions the quality of such products, especially knowing that you’re going to be spending a large amount on them. The most common major appliances include air conditioners, freezers, microwave ovens, range oven, refrigerators and washer dryers.

All of these appliances are a necessity to every home and require a large budget upon purchase. This is why understandably users are cautious of what they buy and where they buy it from.

1100220 Volts does all the work for you

One major concern that arises upon purchasing items online, especially them being home appliances, is the reliability of the source of purchase. It is very difficult in trying to picture what you are purchasing over the internet and has always been seen as a major disadvantage. Most websites just use clever graphic designs in trying to convince you that what you are buying will look exactly like what you see in the picture. Unfortunately this is not the case for over 98% off the website on the internet however an exception is 1100220 Volts.

110220 Volts offers exceptional products which are not available any where else online

This website has become most popular due to its customer satisfaction rate of 100%. All products that are showed on this website have been shown in a ways that gives you the perfect idea of how the product will look at the point of delivery. There products are so well known that they have just increased there delivery network to nearly every country in the world. They promise to provide 100% quality guaranteed which is supported by a life time warranty.

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110220Volts – Small Appliances 220 Volts 50 Hz

Every house hold contains over five small appliances without realising it. Small appliances consist of blender chopper, sandwich maker, bug killer, coffee espresso, flashlight, food processors, garbage disposal, heaters, irons, juicers, kettle, meat grinder, power tools, slow cooker, toaster, vacuum cleaners, fans, contact grill, bag sealer and deep fryer. Nearly all of these are necessities in every average household.

For some maybe all are not required but I’m sure everyone uses an iron at some point in their daily life

An iron is just one example of the products available at 110220Volts. They offer the most all-inclusive irons available in the market. It may not be apparent, but it is important to choose the right iron for your house. Do keep in mind you most likely will be ironing your clothes on more or less on a daily basis, and the last thing any person wants is ruining their expensive clothes due to a useless iron.

One of the most used and recommend irons available at 110220Volts is the Rowenta 220 Volt Professional Laser Iron with Auto Off. It comes with a scratch proof plate and with its new laser technology assures to iron clothes with utmost perfection. Due to its scratch proof plate and auto off function, it reduces the chances of accident burns that do sometimes occur during ironing.

This and many more products are available at 110220Volts online for worldwide delivery. They come with a warranty to assure customers of their 100% quality and satisfaction offered. You can search for all the products you require online at their website. There easy to use website and search facility will make it very simple for you to find what you are looking for. For more information log on to
Small Appliances 220 Volts 50 Hz

110220 Volts – Sales & Special Offers

With the financial crisis becoming a more global issue it has become more and more difficult for every day individuals to purchase items. Just making ends meat is really an achievement for them. As this credit crunch is pinching closer and closer, it has made it more difficult for people to purchase items that they may have purchased with no problem a couple of years ago. However with the Sales & Special Offers
made available by 110220 Volts this has become possible once again.

What are they offering sales and special offers on?

There sales and special offers have been applied on a number of products ranging from TV’s, VCR’s to transformers and adapters. They have even issue free ground shipping to save you the extra dollars you would of have to spend on delivery. Such an example is the Sharp LC-19A33M 18.5” Multi-System LCD HDTV.

This TV is known to offer one of the best pictures and sound quality available in the market today. It has a 1366 X 788 pixel resolution with a lamp hour of just over 60,000 hours. It comes with parental control and various extra jacks to plug in various extensions such as headphones. Is unique design needs to compliment as just its mere creation is enough. This TV is compatible to be used all over the world with all regional settings and comes with a 1 year labour and manufacture warranty assuring 100% quality. This product is available at 45% discount at 110220 Volts of its original price with all the same features and quality you would pay for on a full price.

This is only one product that is available in the sales and specials offer. To view all the product offers and information, you can log on to
Sales & Special Offers

110220 Volts – Personal Care

So what are personal careitems? They are every day items that we use and even sometimes take granted for. These would include Curling Irons, Rollers, Hair Dryers, Trimmers, Shavers and motored Toothbrushes. All these items are used by every individual, nearly everyday. These products are practically available on any online website or at any high street store. So what makes 110220 Volts so special? Well for starters all the personal care products offered by 110220 Volts are said to have the most competitive price. All their products are the ‘best of the best’ offering 100% quality and customer satisfaction. Where 110220 Volts obtains the ‘x’ factor is its ability to deliver all its products to any destination over the globe.

Where would a man be without a trimmer?

The Nikai NHC404 Hair Clipper is one the most advanced and rare hair trimmer available in the market. It is the ideal tool for all hair dressers and is so easy to use that can be used by an average user at home. Its special functions of being able to trim hair at perfect precision with trimming options varying between 1 to 18 mm. Its battery life of 35 minutes makes it an ideal travel tool for all men, whether it is holidays or a business trip. It is very easy to use, store and clean and has even been classified as the must have tool for a man.

Regardless of being one of the rarest trimmers available on the market, 110220 Volts is still able to offer this and many other products alike at the most competitive price ever imaginable. To see if this product is available for delivery in your country and for any other information or product specification, please log on to
Personal Care